This week's tablehopper: swelling with pride.


Cheers (in Chelsea).

Why hello there. I know, what the hell am I doing in your inbox so late on a Friday? Well, this damned jetsetter piece I just finished doing on New York was kind of a monster. Oy. And I was determined to get it out today, even if that meant it’s late in the day. It doesn’t help matters that my poor little MacBook Pro practically has smoke coming out of it, I’ve been working it so hard. I’m trying to move quickly, but things are mooooving slooooow.

Oh, and I wasn’t able to get all my scrumptious NYC pics uploaded to Flickr in time. That’s a whole other beast. Whatever. One thing at a time. I’ll tweet later this evening when they’re up—I always think they make a nice companion to the jetsetter pieces.

I have some other tidbits for you, including some 707 Scout entries, a sugar mama giveaway, and this marks the return of the wino! My buddy Alex Fox is going to be doing some ongoing tasting notes for us in coming weeks called Re-Wined—today is the first installment, I hope you dig it. It made me thirsty.

Okay, I’m signing off—it’s time for me to get lost in Flickr land with these pictures of New York.

Have a swell Pride weekend, everyone! I am so ready to kick things off! You? Rock!

Marcia Gagliardi

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