This week's tablehopper: taxing times.


The Paris-Brest tempting guests upon arrival at Woodward’s Garden.

Guess who is on day four of a kink in her neck and is rather fussy over it? You’re reading her column right now. And now the sudden appearance of a swollen tonsil has me really annoyed—totally had to scrap my awesome plans last night. But, it gave me more time to write up a jetsetter recap of my recent trip to New York for you. I was going to wait another week, but some of you folks are heading out there soon it seems, and anxious for some tips. So have at it. Oh, and here’s my NYC Flickr album with more images (you’ll definitely want to peek at the Chinatown dumpling tour pics!).

One definite highlight this week was an Omnivore Books dinner at Woodward’s Garden in honor of M.F.K. Fisher (click for pics), and celebrating the recent release of Anne Zimmerman’s M.F.K. biography, An Extravagant Hunger: The Passionate Years of M.F.K. Fisher. It was a meal from another time—featuring recipes from M.F.K. Fisher—with dishes like French creamed oysters. The finale was a Paris-Brest (created in honor of a bicycle race in 1891 from Paris to Brest, and so the choux shell is in the shape of a bicycle wheel!) with fruit macerated in seven liqueurs. Extravagant, indeed.

Best of luck to everyone finishing their taxes this weekend—as a reward, you can swing by EPIC Roasthouse on Monday April 18th, mention EPIC’s Tax Day Relief to your server, and receive half off bottles of wine. Cheers to that. Yours truly is going to head up to wine country tomorrow—lame tonsil and kinked-up neck be damned.

Marcia Gagliardi

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