This week's tablehopper: TGIV (thank god it's vendredi).


Cheeses at the Marché Raspail in Paris.

Oh yeah, it’s Friday, and I feel like I’m as behind in my work as when I returned home from France on Monday. Hell, I still have dusty Burning Man gear I’m dealing with. At least that jet lag thing is under control.

Of course, OF COURSE, my promised Paris jetsetter write-up took much longer to assemble and write than I expected, let alone editing all my pictures down to a tidy photo album of 125 images. Oh, and I guess having your friend text you at 7pm and asking if you want to join him at Benu for dinner at 9:15pm that evening will cut into your writing time. (Yeah, that was last night—naturally I said yes.) Anyway, I kept my word to you. And… voilà! Paris pictures and places for you. (Champagne is next—a glass of the stuff, and a write-up.)

And since it’s the tail-end of SF Cocktail Week (you going to any of the weekend events? how about happy hour at EPIC this sure-to-be-gorg evening?), I thought this bookworm about a boozy book was high on the appropriate meter.

So, am I going to see any of you up at Bardessono next Thursday the 30th for happy hour with some Charbay cocktails, and yours truly? It’s going to be a swell evening—and I already have visions of sipping my drink(s) outside on their patio…

Have a stellar weekend (I think it will be hard not to), and I’ll catch ya on Tuesday!

Marcia Gagliardi

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