This week's tablehopper: the heat, meat, and the street.


A round of the Gentleman #2 cocktail at Laszlo.

Ooooooh, boy! Indian summer finally showed the hell up. The hot nights remind me of living in LA—am loving riding my bike in the evening, and am all about making caffè shakerato in the afternoon (espresso and milk shaken over ice in a cocktail shaker). Looking for a place to dine outside today or tonight? Just flip to page 131 in my book for ideas!

Speaking of my book, I’ll be signing copies over Charbay cocktails this Thursday September 30th at Bardessono. Who’s coming? For $20, you get a copy of my book, a cocktail, and bites from chef Sean O’Toole, who is going to be preparing some gazpacho, aji amarillo chicken wings, a spot prawn cocktail with spicy tomato syrup and horseradish panna cotta, and jamón ibérico de bellota with Hill Family farm tomato. I know, that’s quite the flav-o-flav lineup. See you there—happy hour starts at 5pm!

I’m thirsty. Is it Thursday yet?

Marcia Gagliardi

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