This week's tablehopper: the rain in spain...


Rainy-day food: a bowl of pho tai chin (sliced eye of round steak and well-done brisket) at Pho Ao Sen. (Yeah, this broth was an oily one.) Photo: ©

Whoaaaaa nelly—you ready for an action-packed Friday newsletter? First, hot off the interweb wires is my second video for Hungry In on YouTube’s Hungry channel! Today, I take you to North Beach, highlighting four of my old-school favorites in the neighborhood. Do you know about the Africano at Caffe Trieste or the Renzo special at Molinari? Have you ever had sacripantina cake? You are gonna get HONGRY, let me tell you. Take a look, and earn bonus-round rock star points if you “like” the episode, comment on it, or hold the phone, share it! Molto, molto grazie!

Next up: today’s newsletter totally (and unexpectedly!) has become an homage to the Iberian peninsula! We have a wino report from Eugenio Jardim of Jardinière, who is on the road and tasting wine in Portugal, plus news from the 707 about the new Bravas Bar de Tapas restaurant in Healdsburg. Even one of our sponsors is about Spanish olive oil. Buen provecho y salud!

Looks like it’s going to be a rainy one tonight. Fortunately I’ll be happily nested at Campton Place for a fun in-city night of staycation. (I know, it sounds simply terrible!) I’m excited to have dinner and then walk upstairs to my room—almost better than a magic carpet. Tomorrow I’m going to swing by and check out the Omnivorious Party, you going? Check out all the details about the weekend’s events here.

Keep toasty and dry—our fall has finally arrived!

Marcia Gagliardi

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