This week's tablehopper: time for strong nog.


Had to share my Dad’s masterful turkey-carving job this year, and Mom’s two cranberry sauces and sweet potato soufflé. (Yes, we also had two kinds of gravy, and I’m grateful for it!) Not pictured: the fennel-spiked stuffing, and sissy’s epic red kuri squash/pumpkin pie! Photo: ©

Howdy, friends. I hope you were able to enjoy Thanksgiving in whatever form you had it (or didn’t!) and could downshift over the long weekend while the intensity keeps building around us. Ooof. Breathe. I was so happy to get off Twitter for a couple days and be up in Healdsburg watching sheep, let me tell you. Things have been a bit too 2020 over here: I managed to fracture a wisdom tooth while eating a burger on a crusty Italian roll (ow, damnit!) and had to get it extracted a week before Thanksgiving, THAT was fun. I’m all better now, thanks to the wonderful Dr. Temlock (and tablehopper reader Kia for the reco!), but it definitely forced me to chill out a bit and enjoy a wide array of soft foods, LOL.

Today is Giving Tuesday, as I am sure your inbox is telling you, and I’d love for you to take a look at SF New Deal, the SF-Marin Food Bank, and the new 86 Fund (an emergency fund to support restaurants and help them “weather the winter” to make it to spring), all such worthy places to donate. I know money is tight, but any amount helps take care of others!

Yup, it’s December. Whoa. This tablehopper issue has some holiday suggestions for you, with more to come…I am truly inundated over here with announcements and trying to post as much as I can. If you feel like donating to my tip jar, that will put some “ho ho ho” vibes into Champers the Elf’s holiday work and headquarters. Thanks so much for all your support, always!

One thing that is making me chuckle are the sparkly cannabis-coconut-cacao flakes I’m eating, my own version of California snow, ha-ha! If you follow me on @tablehopper or @mymilligram, I hope you saw the news that MONDO cannabis powder is back (after three years!), one of my favorite cannabis products ever! If you would like to try adding some low-dose sparkles to your day, give it a try (click here for NorCal delivery through my local delivery partner, Sava). MONDO helps me with mood (need it!), energy, productivity, and creativity, and never leaves my desk! You can watch the video with Mrs. Doper (that’s me) to learn more. Feel free to reach out to me if you’re curious or have any questions!

One last thing: stand by for this week’s episode of the On the Fly podcast with Charles Chen, the founder of Basuku Cheesecakes! I’m so excited for you to learn more about everything that goes into making this extraordinary Japanese-inspired, Basque-style cheesecake that is captivating everyone who is lucky to try it. Obsessed! Charles is also a longtime restaurant consultant—it’s a fascinating interview to learn about his background and career path.

I have to sign off since I need to get my bratty Fiat to the mechanic (yes, another thing wrong over here), so I’ll catch ya later. Keep your head up, mask on, stay safe, and please pay a visit to your favorite restaurant this week and order some takeout—they’d love to see you.

Marcia Gagliardi

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