This week's tablehopper: two wheelin'.


The mezes plate (to go!) from Palmyra.

Funny, I kind of feel like I don’t have anything to say in today’s intro. See what happens when my espresso gets taken away? Ha ha. Yup, I’ve made it through week one of my cleanse, and I haven’t wanted to kill anyone yet. Well, except the jackass in his car yesterday who really didn’t care about blocking a lane of cyclists so he could pull an illegal move, and had the nerve to tell me to eff off as he peeled out—and he had a little boy in the passenger seat. Nice example there, dad!

I was happy to hear and see so many people on their bikes yesterday for Bike to Work Day (since I work from home, a friend asked if I was just going to ride my bike around the block). I think if drivers get on a bike in the city—even once—it makes you more aware of the cyclists around you. (I know it does for me.) Thanks to all the businesses who supported the day.

As I was pedaling home from downtown yesterday on “The Wiggle,” I stopped off at the new Palmyra (at Haight and Pierce) to pick up their mezes platter, pictured here. The cucumber salad with out-of-season tomatoes obviously left something to be desired, and I need to talk to them about their to-go packaging (cough), but look at those falafel! They were made to order, and so tender and well-seasoned. Really creamy hummus, too.

This weekend is going to pose some challenges to my current (temporary) vegan status: I’m actually judging a cottage pie cook-off tomorrow for the first annual Foodie Chap Celebrity Chef Cook-Off, and it will be interesting to attend this year’s Star Chefs event on Sunday sober and vegetarian. Should give me a new perspective on what it’s like for non-drinkers/meat-eaters to attend food and wine events. Hrm.

Today there are a couple 707 Scout updates for you, and I finished transcribing and have included some highlights from my 40-minute interview with chef Daniel Boulud while I was at Pebble Beach. (Yeah, that took me a little while.) At first, it may appear to be more interesting for people in the industry, or fans of his restaurants. But I also think anyone who enjoys food and dining (uh, that would be you, dear reader) may be interested in the peek he gave me into his day-to-day, and how he runs his many businesses (including the brand-new Boulud Sud and Épicerie Boulud). He’s a very busy man, with a fascinating life, and I felt lucky to snag this moment with him. I hope you enjoy it.

Bon week-end!

Marcia Gagliardi

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