This week's tablehopper: type, type, type.


Acting like a tourist and going down Lombard Street on Wednesday evening. Photo: ©

Oh bejeezus, I feel like my hair is on fire. This week is all kinds of catch-up insane. Stop, drop, and write! Let’s just say I didn’t expect to have to finish filing my taxes, catch up on three weeks of news, write two columns, two reviews, and interview four chefs for an Edible San Francisco article to all go down in one week. And I am hopping in the car on Saturday to drive to Paso Robles for SAVOR for 24 hours. It’s one of those weeks when you don’t want to stop and look around or you’ll freak out. Just keep pushing. I leave for Piemonte on Tuesday morning—the vacuuming and pileup of magazines will just have to wait.

Since I now have Italy on the brain, today’s fresh meat review is of the Mission’s Locanda—I started writing it before my vacation, and now it was time to dust it off and get it posted. I also have a nice giveaway in the sugar mama, check it out.

Have a fab weekend before Monday’s rain rolls in (lame!). Wednesday night was so spectacularly balmy—I’m grateful I was home in time to enjoy it. I know many of you will be Hardly Strictly Bluegrassing this weekend, or Sunday Suppering, and here’s a little something sweet for you to consider on Sunday as well!

Ciao ciao,

Marcia Gagliardi

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