This week's tablehopper: under pressure.


I could dive into this right about now: the build-your-own Bloody Mary bar at Parallel 37’s new Second Sunday brunch buffet. Photo: ©

So I don’t think anyone particularly wanted to start the new year with the tragic loss of David Bowie from our planet. We reel. He represented so much, to so many people, for so many reasons. What talent, what style, what an amazingly fluid expression of gender. And then there’s the sheer depth of his music catalog—how many past boyfriends are wrapped up in his songs for me, for all of us? The Thin White Duke played a huge part in the coming of age for so many—and like a true vampire, he was timeless, and transcendent. Bowie, the world is going to have a hard time letting you leave us. Fortunately his music and impact are eternal.

I’m also having a hard time wrapping things up here in SF before my six-month departure for New York this Saturday morning. (SO. EXCITED. But oh my goddess, the list of things for me to do before I leave is terrifying!)

We were playing a lot of news catch-up this week, so we’re going to spill over into Friday as well (stand by for an update on the soon-to-open The Perennial, and more). I’m going to save my “ciao from SF for now” talk and an update on what you can expect from me (and the tablehopper column!) in coming weeks until this Friday. Cool? Cool.

For now, let’s dive in.
Marcia Gagliardi

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