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Our cat Merna on last year’s tree-decorating day. (So over it.)

Yup, I survived my epic holiday par-tay weekend, although I’m not so sure about my waistline (it doesn’t help matters to think of egg nog as a “Christmas smoothie”). And things are only about to get crazier in the caloric department: it’s my father’s 70th birthday this Thursday (guess who will be eating Fatted Calf porchetta and a surprise from Schubert’s Bakery that night?), Friday is our huge Southern Italian fish fest (seven fishes? More like 10!), and then on Christmas, we’ll start the day with my dad’s homemade (and spicy) Italian sausage, slow-basted eggs, and my mother’s delicious holiday bread (with the possible inclusion of panettone as well). Mamma mia.

The holiday feed bag is brutal, and all this rainy weather is not helping with my daily outdoor exercise. I think some of you will be happy to see the upcoming cleanse options in January in the health nut. And then there are others who will be happy to see the New Year’s Day hangover dining options in the socialite. (And perhaps a few of you will cross over in both of those categories—hey, it’s all about balance.)

Oh, and there’s a cool upcoming wine event I’m doing in January with Jordan Mackay in the lush—would be a nice gift for any winos in your life (hey, I know my audience)! Plus this week’s issue has a special last-minute holiday bookworm by Pete Mulvihill of Green Apple Books. Speaking of books, if you still need stocking stuffers or hostess gifts, I’ll be in town the next couple days and happy to sell and sign the tablehopper guidebook for you (although we’d have to make arrangements for you to pick ‘em up—you can’t pay me enough to go to the post office right now, oh hell no).

Okay, so not to act like a retired woman of 72 with an obsession for cats and Cathy cartoons, but I cannot resist sharing these three holiday videos. First up, the three live cams of the Macy’s SPCA Holiday Windows has been yielding some cute moments watching the kittehs and puppies play (and snooze). Secondly, how the heck did I ever miss this amazing compilation of animals singing “Deck the Halls” last year? And here’s this year’s, “Jingle Bells.” Seriously adorable, funny, and clever.

I am taking this Friday off, but will be back in your inbox next Tuesday. In the meantime, here’s wishing all of you a warm, merry, and bright holiday. And for those of you who celebrate Christmas, Buon Natale!

Sending Season’s Greetings (sassy, boozy ones!),

Marcia Gagliardi

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