This week's tablehopper: wine (and whine).


A taste of the extremely limited 2012 Vinhedos Hood pinot noir (by Mario Geisse). Photo: ©

Bom dia! Yup, someone has been going through all her notes and pictures from her visit to Brazil last year, and I am suddenly very thirsty for some Cave Geisse sparkling wine. Today’s issue brings you my mega report from touring the southern Brazilian wine country. Weekend reading for you?

I must confess, these kinds of recaps are hard to write—our hosts packed soooo much into each day, and then each tasting is a thing unto itself (some wineries poured us 15 wines at a time). It’s intense. You want to do justice to all the places you visited and wines you tasted, and many people are unfamiliar with wine from Brazil (as I was), but distillation is the name of the game here. I hope my piece helps pique some interest! It’s such a cool area to explore, with fascinating heritage, great people, a number of fantastic wines, and a lot of promise. And I hope you have some wine in your near future/within reach, because my piece may make you a bit thirsty. Five o’clock is mighty close. Oh, and I’ll be posting my recap of my visit to Fortaleza and to gorgeous Rio next!

Meanwhile, I continue to be totally, grossly sick. As I sit here sniffling over my spicy tonic and sausage and greens soup (I’m working my way through Julia Della Croce’s Italian Home Cooking this week), I am reminded of the amazing cappelletti in brodo I had during my time in southern Brazil. Such a restorative soup. So good.

Since all I want this week is soup, soup, soup, I was inspired to write this piece for on my six favorite spicy soups in San Francisco. I hope it helps, my fellow snifflers! And feel free to add your own faves to the comments, we could always use more to try!

To your health. And mine, damn it! Have a good weekend.
Marcia Gagliardi

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