September 18, 2007

September 18, 2007

After returning from Burning Man, it ends up the Titan Fitness Camp I was all set to start was postponed until the end of September. I can’t say I was too bummed since all I wanted to do was sleep my first week back. A lot.

But alas, no rest for the wicked! Titan Instructor Jeremy Manning invited me to join him for a training session at Diakadi Body, a facility that is only for trainers and their clients (there are limited hours for working out without a trainer, but you still have to see a trainer there at least once a week).

In classic tablehopper fashion, guess who showed up for her 50-minute session all hung over from the Jardinière 10th anniversary party the night before? Such is the reality that is my life. Jeremy had me do some upper body work, some much-needed abs exercises, lunges, and some balance/sprightly maneuvers. After we finished, I hit the Lifecycle for 25 minutes to sweat off some of the bubbly from the night before. I think I burned off two and a half flutes, maybe three, i.e. not enough.

The equipment was all new and shiny and spotless, and it was a pleasure to be in a space where you aren’t surrounded with hordes of sweaty hard bodies who know exactly what they’re doing and pressuring you to get off a machine. My session was in the afternoon, and there were only like four other trainers with their clients, seriously. How civilized.

I liked the music too, some masculine rock that made me feel all tough for 50 minutes. Oh, and about the funky name: Diakadi stands for “Do It All, Kick Ass Doing It.” Bring it! If I was making some serious ducats, I’d love to be able to come to this place to train regularly.

I’m definitely looking forward to starting the six-week fit camp on September the 29! There is still some room if you want to sign up!

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