January 1, 2008

January 1, 2008

Yup, it’s the infamous month of resolutions, when everyone signs up for a gym membership, embarks on a new diet, or tries to give up delicious things like pasta and booze. Jeremy Manning of Titan Fitness wanted to share ten suggestions for how to stay resolved this year. Best of luck with all your goals, and may your efforts last past January 15!

1. Hire a trainer. Statistics show that individuals who work with a trainer are 40% more likely to maintain their fitness routine and achieve both short and long term goals.

2. Set realistic goals and don’t go for broke. Just because you’re ready to change doesn’t mean change is ready to happen. If it’s taken you years to put on those extra pounds, they are not going to come off in a couple of weeks.

3. Take your time and be patient with yourself. The biggest obstacle any of us faces in the gym or at the dinner table is ourselves. Remember that eating healthy is a gift we give ourselves and we don’t have to become the perfect eating machine or elite athlete over night… or at all.

4. Take it day by day and focus on the means more than the end. “I will go to the gym today” vs. “I will lose 10 pounds today.” ;-)

5. Keep yourself busy to avoid lethargy and overeating. Busy doesn’t have to be a 20-mile run. A nice walk at the beach is a great way to treat yourself while maintaining your progress.

6. Be honest with yourself. Before you spend two grand on that treadmill, ask yourself if you’re really going to use it. You’ve had legs all your life, but you haven’t run in how long?

7. Find a friend or group with similar goals and fitness levels. Just be sure everyone is committed to success, not excuses.

8. Plan for lifestyle change and give into it. The more you resist the process of living a healthy life, the less likely you’ll be to achieve it. Don’t ask why—instead ask when and how.

9. Keep records of what you’re eating and measure your food for the first two–four weeks. This will give you a sense of how much or how little you’ve been eating, and what proper portions should really look like.

10. Avoid fad diets and exercise trends. The fact of the matter is, over the years, diets and fads have increased in number, while obesity has continued to stay on the rise. If these methods worked, why haven’t they, um… worked?