October 13, 2009

October 13, 2009

This Wednesday October 14th, the Bay Gourmet Series topic is ~MEALS FOR CHANGE, A NEW PARADIGM~. There will be a tasting party with food, wine, a film premiere, Iron Chef/Luce's Dominique Crenn, and more to introduce Meals for Change, a groundbreaking locally sourced vegetarian and vegan food line with the slogan Eat Right—Do Good! Learn why food activist folks like Michael Pollan and Raj Patel are supporting this totally non-profit venture with all proceeds going to Bay Area Community Services. Check-in at 5:30pm; food and wine tasting from 6pm–7pm; panel discussion and documentary premiere 7pm–8pm. Ferry Building, Port Commission Hearing Room, 2nd Floor. Get tickets here for $18 ($12 members).

Can't make the event? Meals for Change ready-cooked entrees like Chunky Vegetable Paella, ShepherdLess Pie, and Black Bean Hominy Chili are now available in San Francisco at Rainbow Grocery in the Mission, DeLano's on 18th in the Castro, Real Foods on both Polk and Fillmore, and for delivery throughout the Bay Area through Planet Organics.

When I did
a cleanse back in May, a lot of you were interested in the program. Wow, I can't believe round two is coming up again, but it's here! From November 14th–December 4th, Laurence Kampf will be leading a 21-day ~FALL CLEANSE AND DETOX PROGRAM~. I was really amazed with the entire program—I felt great. And am thinking I need to do it again. It was challenging but also rewarding (you can read my testimonial on the program's main page, and take a look at the health nut posts I did during May 2009 for more). I know some people dread all the eating and drinking around the holidays; here's one way to get a handle on it. There's a $325 early bird special (until Oct 18th)—it's regularly $360, so check it out on the site.

Here's more from the announcement: "This is a fundamentally educational cleanse and detox program aimed at essentially healthy people that want to understand themselves, clean out and lighten up even with busy lifestyles and responsibilities. Learn about your essential makeup and how to custom fit the program to your specific needs including diet, herbs, practice and lifestyle. A baseline diet of whole, organic, seasonal food creates a foundation of health and nutrition for the body engaging its natural ability to detoxify and heal. Each participant may go deeper with options such as vegetarian, raw, juicing, herbs or simply a more focused diet as a way of further cultivating brilliant clarity and strong energy.

"The Fall program this year is designed to include the Thanksgiving Holiday to provide participants with information, intention, support and community through what is for many a difficult test of personal evolution. There is also an optional Thanksgiving retreat. The Program comes in two forms, the foundation is the Essential Cleanse Program with workshops, group practice sessions, the online community and a full compliment of educational and data tracking materials. The next level is the Advanced Cleanse Program with three weekly yoga sessions, a tailored weekly bodywork program, and one-on-one counseling sessions for individual guidance. Another option is a fully catered program from The Plant café organic. And for those of you that are scattered around the world, there is the Distance Program with a combination of video/audio downloads of workshops and practice sessions, educational materials and a private counseling phone session to get you oriented on the path." See you there?

And just in time for the cleanse, there's an ~URBAN KITCHEN~ kimchee workshop with Happy Girl Kitchen on Thursday October 27th. Here's more: "Worried about flu season? Boost your immunity and get your probiotic fix with fermented foods. Happy Girl Kitchen's fermentation maven, Todd Champagne, will teach a hands on class in the preparation of kimchee (also spelled "kimchi"). At farmers' markets, Happy Girl Kitchen Co. often describes kimchee as Korean sauerkraut to the uninitiated, but it is so much more! Kimchee defines Korean cuisine and a variety is eaten with every meal; there are over 190! Families have their own unique recipes and preparations passed down through generations and compared with neighbors. Come and learn the basics and then spend the winter experimenting. Todd will start you out with a classic Napa cabbage creation (filled with carrots, ginger, and daikon radish.) Todd will also review the fundamentals of fermentation which can be applied to sauerkraut, chow chow, and more." 5:30pm–7:30pm. Cost is TBD, but you can pre-register. Ferry Building, in the CUESA Dacor Teaching kitchen located in the North Arcade.