December 21, 2010

December 21, 2010

Want to start your New Year’s Day on the good foot? There’s going to be a unique ~CLEANSING AND DETOX CLASS~ happening on January 1st in Berkeley from Raw Bay Area. The day will begin with a targeted yoga class meant to get guests moving and eliminating toxins. It will be an all-levels Iyengar yoga class with Heather Haxo Phillips at Adeline Yoga Studio in Berkeley from 11am-1:15pm. Next, participants will attend Cleaning Out: Learn to Detox Naturally. All will gather at Café Gratitude in Berkeley from 2pm-5pm for a course on home cleansing techniques and delicious detox foods.

Shea Lynn Baird, owner of Every Body Cleansing Studio will explain how to rid your body of toxins using very low-cost cleansing techniques at home, and chef Heather Haxo Phillips will then teach students how to make tasty clean foods that will help further shed pounds and toxins. Guests will leave with enough resources for a week-long raw food cleanse conducted on their own or as part of Café Gratitude’s Juice Club. Morning yoga only: $40; afternoon cleansing class only: $60; whole day: $100 (includes all classes and a gourmet raw lunchbox to eat between sessions). Guests must reserve here by December 30th.

Want to go deeper, and with the ongoing support of a group (and a fearless leader!)? Well, put down that rum ball and look at your calendar, because the next ~CORE VITALITY DETOX~ is coming up January 9th-30th! This session is a special holiday recovery program, which is all about working on removing the toxins you oh-so joyfully ingested during holiday feasts and parties, and rejuvenating your constitution. This session will also be focusing on the “evils twins” of metabolic syndrome and adrenal fatigue for the body (and issues of personal sovereignty for the soul). Time to clean, degunk, repair the damage, and reclaim your vitality and power. Register and reserve your slot today with a deposit, space is limited. The last program sold out and this one is going to go fast. (Early bird pricing ends December 27th!)

Classes will be at The Mindful Body in Pacific Heights. You can stop by for one of the free Q&A and health evaluation sessions (on Monday December 27th and Monday January 3rd from 6:30pm-8pm), and check out the movement classes or bodywork as well. It’s a great cleanse program, I can’t recommend it highly enough.