Healthy Snacks


One of the hardest things about a cleanse is you can get HANGRY very quickly—funny what removing things like bread and cheese from your diet can do to you. Actually, not funny. Not funny at all. Anyway, I remember last year when I did this cleanse how hungry I would get the first few days before I could prepare my next meal or dish (chopping all those vegetables takes time). So for this go-round, I stocked up with a couple of items.

First, I am totally going to stash the “granola bars” from Two Moms in the Raw ($7.69 on sale) in my car for when I’m on the run. I bought the gojiberry-granola flavor on sale at Rainbow, and it’s rather delicious. The bar is packed with seeds (like flax, pepitas, sesame), nuts (almond, pecans), and just the right amount of sweetness from apple and agave, plus the goji berries. Yes, some could joke about these being birdseed bars, and they definitely take some chewing, but they’re satisfying, while also being gluten-free, with no refined sugars or added oils. Thumbs up.

The other little snacker I got was a bag of the “Spicy” Flax Snax ($4.39), thin and raw wafers of flax, sunflower, and sesame seeds, plus a hint of jalapeño, lime, salt, and cilantro. Not exactly fulfilling, but good for that afternoon time when you want a nibble of something that isn’t a carrot stick.