Is It Time for a 10-Day Tune-Up?

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Many of you have asked me when the next cleanse program is coming up, and look at that, there’s a new 10-day intro program you can check out! The Core Vitality Detox 10-day program was created specifically for busy people interested in getting started in the transformational world of lifestyle detoxification, as well as detox regulars that are looking for a shorter mid-year tuneup (ahem, excuse me while I put down this five-spice duck leg). The program will run from August 5th-14th. It’s just 10 days—you can do it.

You’ll be able to learn about dietary cleansing, food for healing, shopping for and preparing clean food, organ and nervous system function, and how to clean out in the most effective way for your own essential nature. Discover the core of your own vitality—and tablehopper readers get 10% off. Come by for the free Q&A this Wednesday July 28th from 7:30pm-9pm at Ascend Body in SoMa, 1 Rausch St., Unit D, at Howard.