January 22, 2008

Looks like I’ll be sleeping in even more on Saturdays since Fit Camp will no longer be holding Saturday classes at Dolores Park. Zzzzzzzz. I know, that’s terrible of me, I should go out on a bike ride. I promise I’ll do something sporty, although this Saturday morning will have me at the ZAP festival for the trade portion of the tasting, oops.

Anyway, back on Fit Camp: they are moving the Saturday class to Monday evenings at 7:15pm at Kezar. I usually spend Mondays with my heinie firmly planted at my desk, typing up the weekly tablehopper, but who knows, maybe I’ll have it done early one of these days and go do some laps, stairs, and other assorted things that are good for my heinie besides sitting at my computer, or a restaurant table.