July 22, 2008

I know, you thought I stopped working out, huh! Well, unfortunately Titan Fitness cancelled the weekly Kezar Stadium workouts, but we have been meeting up each week for individual training sessions at Diakadi Body instead. It’s a facility that is only for trainers and their clients, so it’s actually a gym I can deal with. I just wish I could afford more than one visit a week! (Two would be recommended.)

If you want to get yourself firmed up a bit for Indian summer, eep, or get a bit of inspiration on how to work out better/faster/stronger, I wanted to do a shout-out for my trainer, Jeremy Manning, who has room to take on another client or two. He can be booked from 10am–9pm, and sessions are $75 each for a pack of ten, or $80 for five, and like most therapists, sessions last 50 minutes. Work it!