November 27, 2007

Oh thank my lucky little stars for Titan—I got to work my post-Thanksgiving calories OUT on Saturday in Dolores Park, and the sit-ups and presses they had me do were all business. A couple of my teammates are looking really good, dropping some poundage, while I’m feeling firmer.

Since the holidays are here, uh, hi!, Titan has put together a special offer for tablehopper readers: sign up for some classes before the end of December, and you’ll get a free copy of Patricia Unterman's awesome San Francisco Food Lover's Pocket Guide. (Heck, it will probably get you into more trouble, but at least you’ll be working out.) And if you and a pal (or group of pals) sign up, you each get a copy of the book, AND 10% off your package. (That would be a fitness package, my friend.)