November 6, 2007

Yup, I am still workin’ it ouuuuut, and slowly but surely diminishing my “soup coolers/Hi, Helens.” The push-ups are less exhausting, and I’m diggin’ firmer arms! Booty too. Yup, those evil “mountain climber” exercises are worth it. Curious to see how it will feel to be working out while we’re outside at 6pm in the darkness (%$&* time change, mreow), but fortunately Kezar is pretty well lit.

Having a hard time getting the recommended 120 minutes of moderate intensity exercise in each week, in addition to classes three days a week. Especially since walking would entail double that (240 minutes a week). But I’m going to try—especially with the holidays looming.

Not like this affects me, since I’d never make it to the Wednesday morning classes, but that class has been moved from 8am to 7am for folks who want to go to Fit Camp before going to work. I will be snoozing and thinking of you...