October 23, 2007

Guess who is beginning to enjoy her weekly regimen? It’s funny how having set weekly workout appointments makes you schedule around them. Working out is the easiest thing to cancel: “Oh, I’m too busy, I have to keep working” or “I’m tired, I don’t feel like working out” or “I’m kind of hungry, I’d rather eat.” But instead, knowing I have my two Titan Fitness trainers tracking whether I am coming to fit camp or not keeps me seriously accountable.

We’ve been doing some cool exercises with weights, and whoa, my arms are actually beginning to show a difference. Like, they are actually a little firmer. (You know those little wing flaps ladies tend to get? Uh huh, those. My friend and I call them “Hi Helens”—can’t remember where we got that from, but it’s what happens when you see you friend and you wave furiously at her, screeching “Hiiiiiii Helen!” and there goes that skin under your arm, flap flap flap! No thanks! So here’s to saying, “Goodbye Helen!”)

I don’t think my compatriots appreciate how much I keep asking for extra ab work during out workout sessions (sorry gang!). It’s the area where my job has just assailed me. Nothing quite of note is happening there. Hopefully soon.