April 19, 2016

April 19, 2016

Getting warmed up at Mighty. Photo via Facebook.


The Gangway. Yelp photo by Kevin Y.

This has been in the works for a while, and even though it isn’t a done deal just yet, the team behind Monarch is planning to take over ~MIGHTY~. Sean Manchester, who just celebrated the club’s 13th anniversary, confirmed things “are in the hands of the ABC right now,” so there’s no telling when the transfer can happen. Manchester doesn’t know if or what his continued involvement may be—he will continue to focus his attention on Chambers with his wife Isabel. I reached out to Monarch’s Christopher Smith (founder of Om Records, Up All Night) and didn’t hear a peep, so we’ll just have to wait and see what the fate of the club is. 119 Utah St. at 15th St.

We broke the news back in January that ~THE GANGWAY~, SF’s first and oldest gay bar (since 1961) was in process of being sold to “Breaking Chad, Inc.” (a couple of straight guys). Well, sorrynotsorry for the owner Jung Lee, but I’m happy to hear that deal fell through and now Jung reportedly has offers from other potential buyers. His first pick is “a male couple who own another bar already” and “they’ll keep the bar the same way.” Exhalllllllinnnnnngggggg. Slowly. Would love that to work out.

So, here’s hoping one of SF’s best dive gay bars lives on in all its quirky and tattered and daytime drinking glory. And here’s a little video history lesson for you so you can learn and love even more about this place (even though it is now happily incorrect stating that it was sold). 841 Larkin St. at Geary, 415-776-6828.

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