July 11, 2017

July 11, 2017

The Corn Husker (on the Summer Road Trip menu at Lord George). Photo: Allison Webber.


The Vermont Cocktail (on the Summer Road Trip menu at Lord George). Photo: Allison Webber.

Hello, my fellow booze lovers. I’ve got a few items for your attention, starting with the news that ~LORD GEORGE~ has launched their second guest Mavericks menu created by Andrew Calisterio (Whitechapel, House Spirits Distillery). Come by and taste your way through the Summer Road Trip menu, which was hand drawn by Adam Feibelman and features 12 U.S. destinations, starting with our local Haight Street Fog Cutter (paired with a rosemary joint!). I personally loved my visit to the Midwest with the Corn Husker (corn water, honey, whiskey), Seattle’s Coffee Cult (bourbon, coffee liqueur, vanilla, bitters), the Vermont Cocktail (Jamaican rum, Montenegro, maple, and walnut, served in a classic pancake house syrup pitcher, garnished with a waffle cookie), and keep your eyes peeled for an Easter egg on the menu too. There’s also a Philly Float (aquavit, root beer, vanilla cream) for dessert.

The menu runs until September 30th, and the bar donates 50 cents of every Mavericks cocktail sold to the guest bartender’s charity of choice (which in this case is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital). 555 2nd St. at Brannan, 415-660-7633.

It’s also time for the latest ~TRICK DOG~ menu launch, and instead of writing about it, why not let Mr. Rogers (Morgan Schick) tell you all about What Rhymes with Trick Dog? (like Last-Picked Demagogue). The poems are by Daniel Levin Becker, drawings by Ferris Plock and Kelly Tunstall, and proceeds of the sale of the book will go to McSweeney’s and SOMArts. Strong work, gang! (Per usual.) 3010 20th St. at Florida, 415-471-2999.

Congrats to Jennifer Colliau (The Interval, The Perennial, Small Hand Foods), who will be opening her own bar in Uptown Oakland, ~HERE’S HOW~, in a former gallery across from the Fox Theater. Inside Scoop mentions there will also be a kitchen and outdoor area. Stand by for details on timing and more. 1780 Telegraph Ave. at 19th St., Oakland.

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