April 2, 2019

April 2, 2019

Boozy ice cream cones at Candy Bar. Photo: William Walsh @wdwphoto.

The creative minds behind 98 Turk (the bespoke Tenderloin bar also known as Biig) have opened their latest venture in an adjoining space and room: ~CANDY BAR~. I came by 98 Turk recently for some cocktails and bar manager Ronnie Buders gave me a sneak peek of their sugar- and booze-filled fantasia. Bring on the striped walls and creepy candy store ephemera, with weird figurines and yes, clowns.

The menu features a wild intersection of dessert and booze, with cocktails named Splatt! (ice cream sandwich), Wham!! (tropical slushie), Splunk! (boozy root beer float), or a !!Plop!! golden ticket (choose your own adventure). They’re also making boozy ice cream, like Elyx banana piná, Kikori Mexican chocolate, Bertoux strawberry, and Yuzuri orange marmalade. Order the Pow!! and you’ll get an ice cream sundae, featuring two flavors of boozy ice cream and two boozy toppings (Old Overholt pumpkin spice caramel sounds amazing), topped with your choice of treats. Or just get some boozy ice cream in a cone.

You can also get well drinks, beer and a shot, and more. Open Thu-Sat 6pm-12am, no reservations needed; enter through their NvrOvr 94 Turk store. 94 Turk St. at Taylor.

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