Bar and Club News (and Guess Who Will Be Pouring Beer Next?)


The DJ booth and dance floor at Audio Discotech. Photo via Facebook.

There’s a new place to get your dance on in SoMa above the forthcoming Bergerac, which was previously mentioned in tablehopper. It’s called ~AUDIO DISCOTECH~ and, as the name suggests, it is all about the sound. The project comes from David Brinkley of Vessel, Anderson Pugash of Crossroads Nightlife Group, and Bruce McDonald of Foreign Cinema and Laszlo, and features a rotating roster of DJs and cocktails from Yael Vengroff and Russell Davis (some of those bevvies will put the hurt on you—be careful not to mix too much with the eight-foot infinity mirror), and lots of LED lights and a spring-loaded dance floor. Hours will be Thu-Sat 9pm-2am. Utz utz. 316 11th St. at Folsom, 415-255-9439.

Here’s an update on the former Stray Bar space in Bernal. As previously reported, Mike Goebel and Darren Brunson took the place over and now have a name: ~HOLY WATER~. They should be opening up in a month or so. 309 Cortland Ave. at Bocana.

~CURRY UP NOW~ on Valencia is verrrrry close to getting their liquor license finalized. Once they’ve got it, look for beer and wine on tap, and get ready for naughty naan to get a little naughtier (also coming soon: their “i’klektik” brunch). 659 Valencia St. at 18th St., 415-735-3667.