Bar News: Long Now Salon Coming to Fort Mason


A rendering of the Long Now Salon. Courtesy Long Now’s website.

There is a very cool new bar project afoot in Fort Mason: the ~LONG NOW SALON~, from the Long Now Foundation, a group committed to fostering long-term thinking. The salon recently signed local bar maven Jennifer Colliau (of the Charles Phan Group) on to run the show, according to Scoop. The salon, which is set to open in early 2014 (or 02014, as the foundation would say), will be designed as a café space with tea service during the day, and a bar by night, with a theme of “time.” Because it’s on federal land, state liquor laws will not apply, meaning they can stay open past 2am (perhaps timeless is a better way to put it). There will also be robots, including one that is responsible for changing the chalkboard specials, a variety of well-considered nonalcoholic drinks, and beverages that focus on time (think aged spirits, and cocktails that have a long history or are near-extinct).

For lots of details on the space, as well as the Foundation’s approach to the salon and to donate to their Kickstarter-like campaign, check out this interview with Colliau on Long Now’s blog. 2 Marina Blvd, Fort Mason Building A, 415-561-6582.