Booze News Bits: The Eagle Reopens, New Spirituous Specials


Photo from via Facebook.


Hello, whisky. Photo courtesy Suntory Whisky.

Good news: ~THE EAGLE~ has reopened. New owners Mike Leon and Alex Montiel held their first beer bust this past Sunday! You can read all the details on Grub Street. I was also happy to see on Facebook that Anna Conda (who was very involved in trying to keep the bar under gay ownership) will be relaunching her Charlie Horse drag show (previously at The Cinch) with Mutha Chucka starting on Saturday April 6th. 398 12th St. at Harrison.

Over the weekend, bar manager Joel Teitelbaum announced on Facebook that he is no longer behind the stick at ~HARRY DENTON’S STARLIGHT ROOM~—next stop: Southern Wine & Spirits. Sir Francis Drake Hotel, 21st floor, 450 Powell St. at Sutter, 415-395-8595.

At ~HOG & ROCKS~, bar manager Michael Lazar just launched a new cocktail menu called “Pimp My Old-Fashioned.” The cocktail is more than 200 years old, but now there are some new versions, like the House Rock & Rye, with two different ryes (Wild Turkey and Rittenhouse); rock sugar and a citrus squeeze are added, and it’s finished with vanilla bean and horehound (a member of the mint family, horehound has a bittersweet licorice and root beer-esque flavor). The full menu is available here.

And next Thursday March 14th, ~HOG & ROCKS~ is hosting a special night with Japanese whisky ambassador Neyah White (with Suntory). The dinner is priced at $60 per person, and includes a guided spirits tour. Check out the menu here. Call 415-550-8627 for reservations. (A special cocktail list of Japanese whiskys will be available for happy hour—from 5pm-6:30pm—and after the dinner/late night—from 10:30pm-1am as well.)