Cervecería MateVeza Has a New Polk Street Location: Woods Polk Station


An impromptu photo of Woods Polk Station. Photo by Michele Mandell.

As we reported in November, the maté-infused beer company ~MATEVEZA~ has been planning an expansion both into the East Bay and the former Et Al. space on Polk. Well, we have word now that owner Jim Woods has been overhauling the brand entirely, and has opened the Polk location as ~WOODS POLK STATION~. Moving forward, all the projects will be rechristened with the WOODS brand as well, including the existing ~CERVECERÍA~ near Dolores Park.

As for the new location, it will officially open on Thursday February 6th for business, although it has been softly open for some trial runs this past week. It offers many of the same things as the original, with empanadas to snack on and beer on tap. There aren’t adding any additional menu items, as the pint-sized new location doesn’t offer any extra square footage. Hours are Sun-Wed 12pm-10pm, Thu 12pm-12am, Fri-Sat 12pm-1am. 2255 Polk St. at Green, no phone (yet).