Comstock Saloon Is Throwing an Anniversary Bash This Friday May 20th


The bar at Comstock Saloon. Photo: © 2010 Liza Gershman.

This Friday May 20th, celebrate the one-year anniversary of ~COMSTOCK SALOON~ gloriously joining (and preserving) our local saloon scene. The party starts at 11:30am, with the gents offering a free lunch (until 2:30pm) with the purchase of two adult beverages. Hey, it’s Friday after all! Starting at noon, there will be live music (ragtime, bebop, Dixieland, swing, blues) until midnight, along with complimentary snacks, a sexy burlesque show, and $4 boots (dangerous, those boots—you’ve been warned) and $3 Steams. Vintage attire is encouraged, and as the invite says, “All moustaches will be checked at the door.” Happy Anniversary, Jonny, Jeff, Carlo, and all the rest of the Comstock crew!