Comstock Saloon Will Soon Have a Second Bar


The Comstock dining room. Photo: Natalie Darville.

For those who struggle with finding a seat at the bar at ~COMSTOCK SALOON~ (you are not alone), this should come as welcome news: owners Jeff Hollinger and Jonny Raglin have decided to add a bar in the adjoining dining room against the wall. The 12-foot antique bar was found in Lodi and will have room for about eight thirsty patrons (there will also be a few high-top tables added). The bar will have its own bartender and will be serving the exact same drinks as the saloon bar—no “we don’t make this at that bar, you have to go to the main bar” nonsense. Yup, the vibe in the dining room is going to become a bit more lively. As Raglin stated, “Well, the demand for the booze outweighed the demand for people looking for a quiet place to dine.” They are doing the work themselves, so look for the new bar in November or thereabouts.