Cool Whiskey Class on April 23rd with CUESA


Photo by Mathew Sumner.

This upcoming Whiskey 101: Fundamentals, Tasting, and Cocktail Making class in conjunction with CUESA looks like a good one (and it’s not just because I’m a whiskey girl. Oh wait, it is.). On Saturday April 23rd, you’ll join bartenders Scott Beattie (Spoonbar) and Jack Mitchell (co-owner of Santa Rosa’s Jack and Tony’s Whiskey Bar) for quite the class. Guests will learn the differences between various types of popular whisk(e)y, which will include a discussion and tasting of bourbon, rye, scotch, Tennessee, Canadian, and Irish whiskies, plus get tips on how to build an impressive whiskey collection at home. You will also get to make your own whiskey cocktails, including a Manhattan, a Sazerac, an Old Fashioned, a Rob Roy, and a whiskey sour. Sign me up. 2pm-4pm. $50 (includes tasting, hands-on cocktail instruction, and a take-home booklet).

Event Info

Saturday Apr 23, 2011
$50 (includes tasting, hands-on cocktail instruction, take-home booklet)
CUESA kitchen at the Ferry Building