Deals on Wine This Month at Big 4 and Grand Café; Happy Hour Deals at Fifth Floor


The bar at Fifth Floor. Photo by Justin Lewis via Facebook.


Belly up for a $2 martini at LarkCreekSteak. Photo from Facebook.

Start summer off thrifty and fabulous with some great wine deals around town. Check out ~BIG 4~, where every Sun-Tue in May you get 50 percent off bottles of wine on the wine list.

You can also get half-off wine at ~GRAND CAFÉ~, where the entire wine list is half price for the month of May. Check out the wine list here, and look at all those bubbly choices. Pop!

The bar at ~FIFTH FLOOR~ has a new happy hour going, with cocktail and drink specials from 5pm-7pm and food specials from 5:30pm-7pm, Mon-Fri. The drink list includes cocktails for $8 (check out that Pink Elephant with gin, pineapple gum, vermouth, orange bitters, and smoked absinthe), wine for $8, and beer for $5. There are also $1 oysters and other drink-friendly snaxx.

Feeling a little 1965? Bring back the liquid lunch, and its prices, with a trip to ~LARKCREEKSTEAK~. Mon-Fri from 11:30am-2pm you can get their martini for a mere $2, made with either Stolichnaya vodka or Hendrick’s gin. The only part that isn’t very Mad Men? There’s a limit of two per person. Work it out.