Gold Dust Lounge Closes and Is Moving to Fisherman's Wharf


The sign for the ladies’ room at the Gold Dust Lounge. Yup, it says “Bustles.” Photo: ©

Last Wednesday night—after five months of fighting (very) hard to stay open after an eviction notice from Jon Handlery—the ~GOLD DUST LOUNGE~ served its last margarita in Union Square and is now reportedly going to reopen in a location in Fisherman’s Wharf. The post on SF Weekly’s The Snitch also mentions: “Meanwhile, the bartenders, staff, and bandmembers [sic] will move into the Lefty O’Douls, which is also owned by the Bovis brothers [the owners], where a mini Gold Dust Lounge will operate for the next four months while the transition happens.”

I spoke with publicist Lee Houskeeper, who said the interior is being painstakingly removed. It ends up the painting on the ceiling is canvas, so the owners are trying to restore it while keeping it intact. The ancient and stanky carpet, however, will thankfully be retired. And now Union Square has officially lost one of the last remaining quirky spots to make way for an entrance to an upcoming Express store, le sigh. 247 Powell St. at Geary.