Gold Dust Lounge in Danger of Eviction


The sign for the ladies’ room at the Gold Dust Lounge. Yup, it says “Bustles.” Photo: ©

I was very sorry to hear the ~GOLD DUST LOUNGE~ in Union Square is facing eviction. Scoop reports the owner, Tasios Bovis, has been told his lease is cancelled and he is supposed to vacate in the next three months so a Chicago-based clothing company can move in.

Um, hello, this bar has been open since 1906! Wait, someone else says 1905. Anyway, that’s a long-ass time it’s been open. Bovis is appealing to City Hall—stand by for more about what can be done to protest the eviction. I personally love this kooky and historic bar, and all the bleary-eyed times I’ve had there. I really hope we can save it. You can follow @GoldDustLounge on Twitter and Facebook for updates on how to help. 247 Powell St. at Geary, 415-397-1695.