Hangover Helper (Do Not Add Beef)


I am sure a lot of you will be hitting it hard this New Year’s Eve (what else is new?). And who knows better about hangover remedies than bartenders? Here’s a helpful round-up from GrubStreet with some hair-of-the-dog advice from local bartenders.

My personal favorites are coconut water (that stuff is a freaking miracle), and kombucha is another magic elixir. If things are dire, I’ll slowly sip a Coke Classic, and iced coffee with a lot of sugar also works for me. When you’re up and at it again, I highly recommend a Champagne cocktail—the sugar cube and bitters will totally even your keel.

And when it’s time to eat, hello, it’s time to call ~MOZZARELLA DI BUFALA~. Or you can take a look at this piece I wrote for the San Francisco Bay Guardian back in 2006 on foreign hangover cures. Take it easy out there, tiger.