It's About Time (Ha-Ha): The Interval at Long Now Is Open


The Interval, complete with chime generator table and spiral staircase. Photo by Because We Can via Long Now Foundation.

The Long Now Foundation’s bar project in Fort Mason, ~THE INTERVAL~, is now open. We covered lots of details on the project back in May (and you really should read it, there are a lot of cool details in there), but here’s a little recap. The project is focused on time: exploring it, our relationship to it, and, most importantly, it’s relationship to booze! Jennifer Colliau (Small Hand Foods, Slanted Door Group) is taking on the concept of time in lots of interesting ways, including utilizing spirits and drink styles with a long history, and doing some in-house barrel aging (which is legal since the spot is on federal, not state, land).

The space, which doubles as the foundation’s museum, has the distinct feel of a tweedy professor’s den (and a bit like what Tesla’s office would have looked like in modern times), with a spiral staircase, clocks, and the chime generator table. There is a little cove booth in one corner with a view of the Golden Gate and the Yacht Club, perfect for watching the fog roll in. In the coming months, look for special events on the subject of time, as well. The museum is open daily 10am-5pm, and the bar is open nightly 5pm-12am, though Tuesdays may sometimes be dedicated to ticketed events. 2 Marina Blvd, Fort Mason Building A, 415-561-6582.