LIOCO Winemaker Dinner at Spruce



I’m a fan of food-friendly LIOCO wines—this dinner at ~SPRUCE~looks like a great way to savor a bunch of them at once! From the event announcement: “LIOCO is the result of an ongoing conversation between Matt Licklider, a seasoned wine import
 specialist, and Kevin O’Connor, former wine director at Michelin two-star Spago-Beverly Hills, about
 whether California could produce a true wine of origin. They have sought out some of the best vineyard 
sites in California, with the belief that a strong vineyard produces better wine. Inspired by the traditional
 winemaking practices of Europe, they chose to make the wine with as little intrusion as possible. The two
 were curious to see if the same methods of production were adhered to in both the cellar and the
 vineyards, would there be differences in the final wine? The results speak for themselves. The wines are 
true, honest, and show tipicity. This dinner will highlight some of the top vineyards in California for
 Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.


The menu:

Grilled Striped Bass / Lobster Tortelli / Tahitian Pomelo

Chardonnay, Durell Vineyard 2007
; Chardonnay, Heitz Vineyard, Sonoma Coast 2006

Roasted Pancetta-Wrapped Squab / Caramelized Turnips with Savory / Preserved Plums

Indica, Mendocino County 2008

Roasted and Cured Becker Lane Pork / Italian Butter Beans / Spiced Caramelized Quince
Michaud Pinot Noir, Chalone Appellation, Monterey County 2007; 
Klindt Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley 2007

Farmstead Cheese

Chardonnay, Charles Heitz, Late Harvest 2006

Event Info

Monday Jan 18, 2010
$130, exclusive of tax and gratuity