Matt Conway Named Bar Manager at Absinthe


Matt Conway, living large. Photo courtesy of Matt Conway.

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned Jeff Hollinger was going to be spending a bit more time with the ~ABSINTHE BRASSERIE & BAR~ bar program, and it ends up there’s bigger news to share: Matt Conway, whom many of you will recognize from his three years at nopa, has been named bar manager. Conway has worked closely with Hollinger and Jonny Raglin at Comstock Saloon from day one—so he knows their approach and program well—and the past three months has been working behind the stick at Absinthe.

Conway will be collaborating with Hollinger (who will be there a couple days a week) on updating the cocktail list and selecting spirits, while continuing Hollinger and Raglin’s Absinthe legacy of having a focus on housemade ingredients. His first official day as bar manager is today, and you will find his new drink on the board, the Palermo Buck: 1.5 oz Bernheim whiskey, 0.75 oz Averna, 0.5 oz orange juice, 0.5 oz lime juice, 2 dashes orange bitters. Shake and strain into a Collins glass, top with ginger beer. Yup, I could have that for breakfast. Hey, Matty!