Mishaps, Cars, Bartenders, and Ways to Help


The freshly repaired Monkey Bar at Comstock Saloon. Photo courtesy Comstock Saloon.

How many times have bartenders helped you out of a jam, given you advice, or just poured you a drink without judgment when you really needed one? Well, recently a couple of bartenders in this town have suffered some injuries, so let’s pay it forward and help them out too. Here’s how.

The Monkey Bar at ~COMSTOCK SALOON~ was damaged last month when a driver plowed through the front and into the bar. After closing for repairs, the bar has reopened, with a special menu called “The Toughest Bar in San Francisco” and featuring drinks like a Sidecar, Drive-Thru Daiquiri, and the Skrewed Driver. It’s not all funny, though: Tyler Schweppe, a bartender who was in town visiting from Rhode Island to learn about San Francisco’s cocktail culture, was injured in the crash. He suffered a leg fracture and lacerations, and the bar will be donating $1 from every drink sold off the new menu to his medical expenses (and time away from work).

Another bartender has run into some trouble this week too. Eater reports that Roberto Chicas, a bartender at ~THE CAVALIER~, was beaten on the head with a hammer by his UberX driver on his way home from work last month. Chicas fortunately survived the brutal attack, but may lose sight in his left eye and will need multiple reconstructive surgeries.

There are a few ways to help him and his family pay for his medical treatment. First, stop in at Louie’s Bar for a “Chicas’ Special” (that’s a beer with a shot of Fernet), and they’ll donate $1 to Chicas. Second, head to Twenty Five Lusk on Sunday October 12th for a special fundraiser from 2pm-5pm. It’s $35 per person at the door, and then there will be an open bar, with beer, wine, cocktails, and snacks, along with a silent auction. Anything helps, so please consider attending, donating to the auction, and spending money at the auction. Our thoughts are with Chicas and we are sending him all our positive thoughts for a speedy recovery!