Pig and Booze Dinner at Orson This Wednesday



Pig. Booze. Deep-fried Monte Cristo sandwiches. Yeah, you heard that right. This Wednesday June 16th, Orson is hosting another one of its infamous ~PIG AND BOOZE DINNERS~. The menu is only $40 (pairings are another $25)—here’s the lineup:

Mini bahn mi with pork tongue, Vietnamese pickles, basil, mint, cilantro
Bubbles with absinthe or Goose Island Mathilde beer

First Course
Dandelion greens, maple and soy pork floss, quail egg
Riesling Spätlese trocken, Mosel, or Hopf Dunkel

Main Course
Porchetta, corn and broccoli raab chow chow, natural pork jus
Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley or Maker’s Mark Manhattan

Dessert Course
Monte Cristo with true Canadian bacon, Swiss cheese, strawberry jam, smoked almond ice cream
Amontillado sherry

Event Info

Wednesday Jun 16, 2010