Puglia Wine Week Starts September 28th


From September 28th to October 4th, Wines of Puglia will be holding the first ever ~PUGLIA WINE WEEK~ in the US, with noted winemakers from the Puglia region of southern Italy visiting major US cities, including San Francisco. These wines will be presented in the US for the first time, with many at very accessible prices. Specialty menus and pairings, in which four wines from each vineyard will be paired with Apulian-inspired dishes by the chefs, will be offered at the following restaurants through the week of the promotion:

  • A16 will feature wines from Tormaresca; Francesco Domini, the company’s wine director, will present his wines on September 28th at 7:30pm.
  • Incanto will feature wines from Vallone; Giuseppe Malazzini, the winery owner, will meet the public on September 30th at 7pm.
  • La Ciccia will feature wines from biodynamic Cefalicchio; owner Nicola Rossi will attend a special dinner on October 4th.

Also during Puglia Wine Week, the public and wine professionals can taste an extensive selection of great wines from Puglia that represent all the main areas of the region at The Jug Shop, including labels from the following wineries: Albea, Barsento, Cefalicchio, D’Alfonso del Sordo, Due Palme, Li Veli, Tormaresca, Vallone, and Vigne & Vini.

Event Info

Tuesday Sep 28, 2010 – Monday Oct 4, 2010