Revamps: Royal Tug Yacht Club Now Open, What's Coming to Stray Bar in Bernal


Yong San Lounge; Yelp photo by Kevin Y.

As we noted back in March, the former Yong San Lounge in Lower Nob Hill/Union Square was being taken over by the Duncan Ley/Benjamin Bleiman crew (Bullitt, Tonic, Dr. Teeth, Lightning Tavern, and more). The new bar is ~ROYAL TUG YACHT CLUB~ (now the third “yacht club” business in town, although this one wins for the most name most likely to elicit dirty jokes). The interior is actually very 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea—the bar was designed to feel like you are in the hull of a ship, with a 20-foot squid with light-up eyes tangled in the frame of the ceiling. The bars are off the windows, and fortunately the awesome pink vinyl bar pad remains. Look for a new cocktail list soon. And per the previous ownership, one more tradition stands: if you ring the big Asian bell, you have to buy the whole bar a round. Ding-ding! 895 Bush St. at Taylor, 415-771-1838.

Taking over the former Stray Bar in Bernal will be a new bar from Mike Goebel and Darren Brunson (behind local watering holes Churchill, Bloodhound, and Double Dutch), working with John Ottman-Combs. Eater mentions they will be upgrading the previously sporty and dog-friendly bar, offering quality cocktails while keeping a neighborhood vibe. Stand by for more; sounds like it could take a couple of months. 309 Cortland Ave. at Bocana.