Sounds Like a Win-Win to Me


Photo from The Tenderblog.

While trawling through some liquor license changes a while back, I mentioned the Future Bars/Bourbon & Branch chaps were in escrow to take over a dive in the TL, Club 441. Well, it’s a go because they’re slinging drinks. Right now it’s called ~MISTER LEW’S WIN-WIN BAR AND GRAND SAZERAC EMPORIUM~, which started off as a joke (all nicely recapped here on Eater). So for the moment, it’s all about classic cocktails at a nice price in a dive setting—which sounds like heaven to me. The Tenderblog has more details on the drinkies here. Time will tell what the Future Brands crew has in store for the place (concept, renovations, timing are TBD). Open Wed-Sat 6pm-2am. 441 Jones St. at O’Farrell, 415-474-2284.

And now, let’s move up the street. I mentioned a year ago that ~BOURBON & BRANCH~ was expanding into the neighboring Bang San Thai location at 505 Jones Street. Meet their new addition: ~THE WILSON~, a new reservations-only annex with room for 20, serving a nightly three-course cocktail tour (read all about it on Alcademics and UrbanDaddy). Grub Street mentions the opening is Friday March 25th. Open Tue-Sat. 501 Jones St. at O’Farrell, 415-931-7292.