Support Women Behind the Bar with Cocktail Cult


Photo by Kelly Pulieo.

Some badass Bay Area women are getting together to create a beautiful new cocktail book, and they could use your help. Pür Spirits, a local women-owned spirits company, and talented photographer Kelly Puleio are producing a book featuring recipes from—and portraits of—some of the Bay Area’s finest female bartenders (the look will be inspired by Art Deco, Tamara de Lempicka, and 1930s Berlin). The book will also include lots of Bay Area bar history and lore, and will provide a fun, visually arresting look at our local cocktail culture and its roots. The book will be called Cocktail Cult: Free Spirited Cocktails & Pure Spirited Women. To pay for the printing costs of the book, they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign, so you and your fabulous self can get involved. Their goal is $15,000, and anything above that will be used to compensate Puleio for her costs.