Bourbon & Branch

All-righty then, you bar-savvy folks: those of you familiar with Milk & Honey, the private and reservations-only bar in NYC (and London) are going to be downright thrilled with the soon-to-open ~BOURBON & BRANCH~ in the TL. Dahi Donnelly and Brian Sheehy from Swig and Anu have brought on Todd Smith, the former and longtime bar manager of Cortez, and are opening a reservations-only bar in the old 501 Club space (or should I say dive?) on the corner of O’Farrell and Jones. The vibe will be 1920s-inspired, offering a relaxed environment for those who want to avoid the crowds and mayhem that crowd most city bars, especially Thu-Sat. It’s not about being all VIP and paying a membership fee, like Otis. You just have to reserve your spot in advance, done.

It’s under construction right now, but expect whitewashed brick walls, wallpaper, dark woods for the floor, trim, and bar, and candlelit booths. There will be three rooms, including a mezzanine, and a private area with a separate entrance. It should seat about 65 folks total, or thereabouts. They’re looking at opening late June/early July. I’ll keep you posted when it’s getting close.

About the name: branch is an old Southern term for river water, which is what you’d sprinkle in your bourbon. Nowadays a number of folks drink their bourbon on the rocks, which is basically “branch” by the time it melts. (I tend to finish my drink before that happens.)

Bourbon & Branch
Corner of O’Farrell and Jones
San Francisco, CA