Two New Happy Hours for Your Radar


Photo from Cupola Pizzeria’s Facebook page.

Free pizza. Nope, that does not suck. Swing by ~CUPOLA PIZZERIA~ in the Westfield Centre Mon-Fri from 3pm-6pm and you can get $3 tap beers and tap wines, and while you’re sitting at the bar with your bevvies, complimentary pizzas will make their way to the bar. Yes, like magic! From now through Thanksgiving, you’ll be able to snack on slices of the margherita or the seasonal confit diced pumpkin with Fontina cheese, prosciutto cotto, and thyme. Don’t forget to share—you’re not a vulture.

Meanwhile, ~HARRY DENTON’S STARLIGHT ROOM~ has a new “sunset menu” Mon-Fri 6pm-7pm, with cocktails for $7 (including a sunset punch, pisco crusta, and Negroni), and $7 bites, like fried mac and cheese and artichoke dip. It’s like an hour of power! Sir Francis Drake Hotel, 21st floor, 450 Powell St. at Sutter, 415-395-8595.