Wine Classes at CAV

~CAV WINE BAR & KITCHEN~ is hosting an Introduction to Wine Class
 on Saturday February 27th. During this two-hour session, they will break down the components of wine, go over basic terminology, and you will taste a selection of eight wines that illustrate tannin, acidity, body, and a variety of aromas and flavors. Seating is limited. 2pm. $40.

And then on 
Saturday March 6th, there is a Varietal Comparison Class, focused on red wines, while the class on 
Saturday March 13th will highlight white wines. The Varietal Comparison sessions are the perfect follow up to the Introduction to Wine class. In each, you will taste two examples, one from the “new world” and one from Europe, of four different grapes. The different characteristics of grapes as well as terroir will be clearly illustrated so that less-experienced wine drinkers can choose wines with confidence. 2pm, $40.

Event Info

Saturday Feb 27, 2010 – Saturday Mar 13, 2010
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