(Matchmaker): Looking for a Company That Offers Career Growth in the Pastry and Baking Industry?

Bon Appetit @ Google in Mountain View, California, is hiring passionate Pastry Cooks and Bakers to use their talents in our high-volume kitchens!

Bakers must have 1- to 2-plus years with a background in large production of natural levain dough, shaping, scoring, baking, and willing to work mid to late afternoon Sunday-Thursday for bread production.

And also looking for people with 1-plus years of viennoiserie background for producing croissant dough and morning pastries. This will be for a morning shift Monday-Friday. They should be strong in basic pastry production (i.e., pastry cream, cookies, quick bread) and know proper technique for laminated dough and shaping viennoiserie.

We also offer benefits, sick pay, and vacation for all our full-time employees.

Please forward your résumé here. We look forward to talking to you!