Get Ready for the SF Street Food Festival in August!


Street food fans, mark your calendars: the ~SAN FRANCISCO STREET FOOD FESTIVAL~ will take place on Saturday August 21st from 11am to 7pm. This year’s event is rarin’ to outdo last year’s with seven times the space, four times the vendors, and three times the bars. Admission will be free, but food will not, so buy a Passport in advance for extra savings (and freebies!).

Yeah, it’s a while away, so there’s plenty of street food fun to keep you busy (and full) in the meantime. The SF Street Food Festival Cart Crawl officially starts this week: it’s your chance to vote in your favorite mobile vendor (out of the 50 Best Street Foods in the Bay Area) to make sure they get a spot at the upcoming festival. The top eight vendors will get in, and voting ends Wednesday July 21st. By the way, the first 100 people who vote get $5 off a Passport ticket purchase.

While you’re out there figuring out which one’s your fave, bring your camera. The person to “Spot” (aka “snap a photo of”) the most foods by July 21st will win a $100 Passport, and the photo with the most “Great Shot!” votes wins some All-Clad Cookware. Nice!

Also, look for the SF Street Food Festival Scavenger Hunt (run by The Go Game) to start in August. You can get your team together now and sign up here.

Finally, after the festival, stick around for the after party (live music, booze, and, of course, street food vendors). More details to come. Then a San Francisco Street Food Conference will be held Sunday August 22nd and Monday August 23rd at the Joie de Vivre Hotel on the Embarcadero to discuss the past/present/future of street food both domestically and abroad. John T. Edge, Molly O’Neill, and Charles Phan are already lined up to speak.

Event Info

Saturday Aug 21, 2010 – Monday Aug 23, 2010